Football Player Discovers Coach’s Hidden Past, When All Is Revealed Entire Team Can’t Stop Laughing


When the San Jose State’s football team were told that their coach had once been a backing dancer, they didn’t believe a word of it. But their coach made them eat their words when he demonstrated his skills in front of the whole team. 

Alonzo Carter, a coach for the San Jose football team’s running backs, told his team that once upon a time, he had been a backing dancer. Needless to say, the team thought he was making up the story; the coach certainly didn’t look like he would have been a dancer in a previous life.

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So, one day, while at practice, MC Hammer’s classic song, ‘Can’t Touch This’, blasted out for all to hear and Alonzo took to the field to prove his skills.

The coach has clearly been practicing his routine as he, without hesitation, performs his well executed routine, including the classic shuffle move that MC Hammer is known for. The team goes wild as the coach proves his talents, all in complete shock that he is living up to his crazy story.

While I’m still not sure if the coach was joking about being a backing dancer, at least he lived up to his claim with his brilliant dance moves.

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The video is in great sport and showed the team’s spirit perfectly, as they cheer on their coach throughout the short dance. It’s impossible not to watch it with a smile plastered across your face.

Watch the video for yourself to see the coach’s hilarious dance routine. We love to hear your thoughts, so leave your comments below and share the funny video with your friends. 🐝

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