9 Times People Parked Like Total Jerks – And Got Exactly What They Deserved


We all understand the frustration of searching for a parking space and not being able to park because some idiot has parked in the most ridiculous place. Apparently it’s a difficult concept to grasp, for some people, that your car should only take up one parking space…

Not to mention, plenty of people use the handicap parking spaces when they aren’t handicapped. Being lazy doesn’t count as a disability, people!

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When you see people doing these aggravating things you always dream of the revenge you would like to inflict on them. While slashing their tires isn’t a sensible option, there are some other things you could do that will give you plenty of satisfaction without getting you in trouble.

So take note, and next time somebody parks stupidly, you have some inspiration for how to repay them for their actions.

  1. Next time you park in the handicap spot without a disability, best of luck getting out of this mess!

2. Parked in front of the shopping cart stall? Well, I guess people will just have to park their carts in front of your car then…

3. Sometimes the only way to get through to someone is by spelling it out for them.

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4. Good luck getting in your car now!

5. Well, if you’re going to park like trash…

6. If you’re bad at parking, you’re probably bad at driving. So this is for your own safety more than anything…

7. This person chose the wrong guy to annoy…

8. Maybe just be careful who you annoy in general…

9. Be sure not to illegally park your car or you may get more than a parking ticket.

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Which form of revenge is your favourite? Post your favourite in the comments below and share with a friend who you think will appreciate these parking pay-backs! 🐝

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