Tiny Donkey ‘Elvis’ Went Missing, But His Hilarious Hiding Place Had The Farmer Crying With Laughter


When a farmer’s two-week-old donkey went missing, he was concerned that perhaps somebody had stolen it. After all, how could he have escaped on his own? They eventually found the mischievous tyke, but in the most unlikely of places. 

Elvis the donkey was only a recent newborn at two-weeks-old, and so he was prone to getting sleepy and taking naps often. After all, the world is a tiring place and you’ve got to build up your stamina to deal with it.

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One day, the farmer woke up and set about with his chores for the day. Walking around the farmyard, he noticed that Elvis, who usually woke up before him, was nowhere to be seen. Knowing that Elvis was prone to taking naps wherever he was at the time, he began to wander the property searching for Elvis’ potential napping spot.

After searching all over the property, he still couldn’t find Elvis; even in his regular resting spots. At a loss, the farmer headed back to the house. That’s when he spotted him.

Elvis had found a new napping spot on the front porch, and the farmer couldn’t believe his eyes. Quickly grabbing his phone, the farmer filmed Elvis before he could wake up and move. He had no idea how the young donkey had got into his new napping spot, but however he did, he had impeccable taste for his napping spot.

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Watch the video below to see the hilarious footage for yourself.

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