Jaguar Leaps At Pup And Everyone Fears The Worst, Within Seconds Realize What’s Really Going On


When you think of a tiny Jack Russell dog being left alone in a cage with a fully grown Jaguar, you probably think that the Jack Russell’s days are over. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth as these two four-legged friends play together every day. 

The two friends spend 24 hours a day playing, eating and sleeping together and have done so, ever since they were little. When Jag the Jaguar was moved to the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa as a cub, the owners put Bullet the dog in the enclosure to keep him company. But as he grew bigger, they began to think that the pair should be separated.

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Separating the best friends turned out to be the worst thing they could do for the pair. With Bullet removed from Jag’s enclosure, Jag cried for 24 hours and Bullet sat outside the enclosure door, not wanting to leave his friend’s side.

Luckily their pleas were answered and they were allowed to be back together, resulting in a happy reunion. The pair have been inseparable ever since, even as Jag has grown bigger and stronger.

Amazingly though, Jag isn’t the dominant one of the pair. Tiny Jack Russell, Bullet, is the boss and Jag knows it. As they play, if Jag gets too aggressive or begins to hurt Bullet, he barks and puts Jag back in his place.

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Their friendship is just adorable and there is no risk of threat to their relationship as they continue to live, play and grow together as best friends.

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