Worker Rescues Baby Deer Then Rubs His Belly, But His Reaction When He’s Released Will Make You Howl


Sometimes all you need is a good cuddle to make everything feel better. While animals usually run away at the sight of a human getting too close, this baby deer was totally comfortable lying in the arms of a man, so much so that it didn’t want to be put down.

All babies require your undivided attention and cry until you pick them up and soothe them. We expect that from a human baby, but when this baby deer got rescued by a group of linemen, it adopted one of the men as a substitute parent and became just as demanding as a human child.

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A group of linemen were working on some electrical lines when they came across the baby deer tangled up in some thorns. The baby was trapped in the fall path of the tree they were about to trim so they carefully cut it loose. The poor deer was nervous initially and they tried to soothe the baby animal as best as they could. One way they tried was by rubbing its belly and it worked a little too well…

Found this baby deer and we’re moving it out of the way so it doesn’t get smashed by a tree and we started rubbing its belly and now when we go put it down, it freaks out until we start rubbing its belly again. He’s spoiled. We have spoiled a baby deer.

The baby deer was clearly totally relaxed in the man’s arms and loving the affection, but eventually mom came looking for her child and playtime was over. Noticing a doe on the hillside, they set the baby down close to her and the baby ran straight to her and they walked off together.

Watch the hilarious video for yourself and be prepared to laugh at the adorable deer’s reaction as it demands more belly rubs. If you thought this video was as funny as we did, please leave your comments below. 🐝

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