Music Starts To Play In Stadium, But When The Camera Pans Left, Little Boys Dance Steals The Show


When your favourite song comes on, all you want to do is dance around the room. As we get older, we become more self aware and self conscious about dancing in front of other people, but for this little boy he didn’t have any problems with dancing in front of a whole stadium full of people. 

At a Rascals Flatt concert in Pikesville, Kentucky, the popular song ‘Sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO came on in the interval and a young boy couldn’t help himself as he got carried away by the beat. Moving onto the staircase for more moving space, the boy began to dance like no-one was watching… except everybody in the stadium was watching!

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His badass moves had the crowd going wild as he got lost in the music and stole the show at the concert. His energy and spontaneity as he hops around the aisle and the seats is impressive; he clearly enjoys dancing in his spare time and doesn’t care who sees him. I bet the Rascal Flatts were a bit miffed that he stole their thunder…

The boy’s innocent moves and smartly dressed get-up combined with the suggestive song makes for a humorous experience, and the audience love it as they cheer him on and record the moment on their phones.

This little boy’s spontaneous performance is a great reminder to us to embrace our inner child and just go with our instincts. If you want to dance to your favourite song, then dance! Life is too short to worry about what other people may think because the likelihood is that they will admire you for being brave and enjoying yourself.

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Watch the video for yourself and I bet you won’t be able to watch it without cracking a big smile! If you loved this video as much as we did, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 🐝

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