Dog Thinks Patio Door Is Closed And Won’t Come In, Until His Owner Tries This One Simple Trick


Dogs can be so clever, learning tricks, understanding human commands and remembering people and places. But they also have the ability to be a bit silly at times, as proven by this tiny dog. 

This little dog got pretty confused when he tried to come back in the house after playing in the garden. As he was used to the glass door always being closed, he would wait patiently until his owners came and let him in. But the silly pup didn’t realise when he came back to the house, one day, that the door was already open for him.

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Dog Thinks Patio Door Is Closed And Won’t Come Inside, Until His Owner Tries This One Simple Trick

The family try calling the dog and putting a treat down on the floor to lure him in, but nothing works. Then they catch on; the dog thinks the terrace door is closed. Dad walks over to the door, pretends to open it and, as if by magic, their theory is confirmed. The cheeky dog cheerfully hops inside the house, unaware of his ditzy mistake. The whole scene is hilarious and absolutely precious.

In fairness to the confused creature, sometimes you can’t tell when a glass door is in place if it’s clean, so the pup was just saving himself from the embarrassment of crashing into a window.

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Watch the funny debacle unfold for yourself by clicking the video below. I’m sure the cute pup is good at doing other things, but apparently identifying glass doors isn’t one of them.

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