Mum Told Labs Not To Fight Over Food, Then Grabs Her Camera — Their Response Will Have You Howling 



The biggest lesson that parents try to teach their children is how to share with their siblings. For golden retriever brother and sister, Grace and Cuba, they have got this skill down to a tee. 

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Grace and Cuba have two loves in life; treats and their beloved teddy bear. The pair are like two peas in a pod and evenly share their two loves between them, as perfectly demonstrated in this adorable video.

The furry siblings take it in turns to hold their favourite teddy as they receive their treats from their owner. The pass off of Ted is so perfectly synched as they wait patiently for their turn, never trying to shortchange the other sibling of their tasty treat. We all could learn a lesson from these kind pups!

We’re used to dogs showcasing their selfless nature in many ways and this video of Grace and Cuba’s teamwork is a prime example. The duo are clearly a great team and have had years of perfecting their ‘passing act’. What clever pups!

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When it comes to treats, dogs have a one track mind. So to see this cute pair share their treat time with each other is a sight to behold.

If you thought Grace and Cuba’s treat time routine was as loveable as we did, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 🐝

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