Cats New Friend Won’t Leave, He Asks Dad For Help, Before Hilariously Taking Matters Into His Own Hands


Everyone has experienced a bad date at some point their life. But this kitty got more than he bargained for when his tinder date refused to leave his house after their date turned south.

Sylvester the talking kitty has filmed many hilarious videos over time and this dating disaster has to be the funniest one yet. All he wants is somebody to love, but unfortunately the internet can be deceiving and Sylvester wound up with a psychotic kitty in his house that wouldn’t leave. Luckily he had his human pal, Steve, to ask for help.

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When Sylvester asks Steve to get rid of his date for him, Steve is optimistic that this will be an easy task as long as he speaks politely and endears to her soft side. But there is no reasoning with Missy the kitty. When Steve asks her to leave he receives a hostile response that leaves him shook up.

As the two boys deliberate how to get rid of her, they try different methods to lure her out of the house but to no avail. Then, just as Steve has given up hope and goes to ring animal control, he hears a loud noise that catches his attention.

The video is utterly hilarious and the Sylvester’s dating debacle is something we can all relate to… just maybe not to the same extreme as poor Sylvester. Now that’s a bad date!

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Watch the video for yourself to witness Sylvester and Steve’s awkward situation play out. We love to hear your thoughts so please leave your thoughts in the comments below. 🐝

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