160 People Start Rubbing Their Hands Together, The Moment That Follows Will Cover You In Goosebumps.


When the 160-strong Angel City Chorale took to the stage and began rubbing their hands together, the audience were confused as to what the reason could be. But as the sound grew louder and they began to develop the sound effects made with their bodies, it quickly became clear that they were setting the scene for the performance of a lifetime. 

With their man-made sound effects setting the scene of a rainy backdrop in the rainforest, the choir began a stirring rendition of ‘Africa’ by Toto that left the whole room with their mouths wide open. With four soloists up front and a choir of over 100 people backing up, the song is truly powerful and you can’t stop listening.

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The Angel City Chorale is a nonprofit arts organisation in Los Angeles, California, who extend their talents to communities all over the world. They perform all over LA, have performed on TV, with famous artists such as Stevie Wonder, and they have even performed for international audiences at charity events in South Africa. It’s not hard to see why this choir has become so successful.

At the hands of artistic director Sue Fink, the choir started with a humble 19 singers back in 1993 and since has grown to over 160 singers, all admitted by audition. The full choir stands together on stage in this video and the sound that they all make is nothing short of extraordinary. I didn’t want the song to end!

The performance is phenomenal and it is easy to see why the choir keeps going from strength to strength. But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself and be prepared to be in awe.

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