Mom Takes Baby Down Christmas Aisle, And His Reaction Is Taking The Internet By Storm.


Now that Halloween has been and gone, we’re all excited for Christmas. But nobody is as as excited as this baby boy when he experiences the delights of Christmas for the first time! 

Whilst out on a regular shopping trip, mom decided to take a stroll down the new Christmas aisle, full of nutcrackers, colourful ribbons and twinkling lights. She didn’t expect her toddler to become so overwhelmed with amazement at all of the amazing things he was seeing though. Luckily mom managed to get her camera out and record his hilarious reactions.

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With classic Christmas tunes playing, the toddler becomes overwhelmed by all of the fantastic colours he is seeing and points out all of the sparkling objects that catch his eye as he rides around in mom’s trolley.

The little boy’s face is an absolute picture. His eyes are popping wide and his mouth is agape as he squeals with delight and gasps in shock as his breath is taken away by the wonderful items he is seeing. This baby is getting into the Christmas spirit and loving it!

Apparently small children love shiny objects and the colours red and green stimulate the brain much more than other colours, so no wonder the little boy was looking around at everything in wonderment.

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The magic of Christmas is lived through the joy of children and this video proves that to no end!

If you thought this video was adorable and can relate to his excitement for Christmas, please leave your comments below. 🐝


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