This Adorable Little Girl Is Completely Unable To Say “Ice Cream”


Being a toddler is hard; learning the ways of the world, understanding hand-eye coordination and slowly picking up speech. We stumbled across the following video a father captured before going into the store to get some ice cream. It reminded us of another favourite that we’ve added below if you can’t get enough of the first!

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Luckily for us the dad has shared the incredibly adorable and funny video online for all to see!

Clearly still learning to talk and not fully conversational, she manages to mirror her dad on every word he says apart from “ice cream”, and the muddle of letters that she has seemed to throw together doesn’t sound anything like “ice cream”, much to her father’s (and our) amusement.

Watch the video for yourself and try not to smile 🐝 If you smiled share with your friends!

And if you enjoyed the ice cream video, check out this little guy trying to say “robot”!

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