5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies, When They Raise Their Heads The Audience Burst Out Laughing.


As a child, you want to try and impress your friends. Whether that be with your dance skills, humour or vocals. So when a bunch of 5th-grade students came up with a plan to amuse their friends, they began crafting their epic routine.


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At a 2017 talent show at New Braunfels Christian Academy in Texas, a group of 5th-graders decided to enter with a routine that had their fellow peers in stitches.

The group of boys practiced for weeks before the talent show and even made costumes and a set for their routine to come to life.

Before their performance began, they were all hiding under a large black sheet. But once the fabric was lifted, the tomfoolery was in action!

The reveal showed the boys wearing elaborate puppet-like outfits made from baby onesies and bibs. The boys looked up and Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” erupts into the school hall.

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5th-grade talent show

The dance is beautifully choreographed with both teachers and students howling with laughter.

If Taylor Swift isn’t quite your jam, fear not! The boys perform a mashup with a variety of different songs and dances in this one performance!

What do you think of their routine? Is it dancing? Is it a comedy? Is it a political piece of performance art? We’ll let you be the judge.

Don’t forget to watch these hilarious 5th-grade boys’ talent show performance in the video below. Also, we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought in the comment section below. 🐝

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