Dog Tells Her Owner “I Love You” And It’s Happiness In It’s Purest Form


For many dog owners, we judge our furry friend’s love for us through their displays of affection: being so excited to see us when we enter the room that they can’t control themselves, snuggling up next to us on the sofa after a long day of waiting for us to come home from work and endlessly trying to lick our faces!


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Mai the Shiba Inu on the other hand is able to tell her owner that she loves her!

Some dogs are just more vocal than others but this incredibly talented and friendly pup is able to consistently mimic her owner to tell her “I love you”.

We’re unsure whether Mai knows exactly what she’s saying but you can’t deny coming home to your pet greeting you with “I love you” is the most uplifting thing you can experience after a long day!

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