Dwayne Johnson Meets War Vet To Show Appreciation, But His Surprise Plan Leaves Her Overwhelmed


Already a huge advocate for living a positive and healthy life, Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s good guy credentials are through the roof due to some recent good deeds we’ve seen, such as rewarding a 10 year old boy (and his family) for saving his younger brother’s life just last month!


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He also teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to show his appreciation once more: to veterans, servicemen and women of America.

During his appearance on the Tonight Show he stated that he’d like to pay respect to all men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and surprise one particular army vet who was in the studio.

The studio audience expected someone to be plucked from their midst, only for both men to continue past them and into the production room where he strikes up a conversation with the show’s producer, and you guessed it, army vet Karina.

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We soon discover that Karina’s husband is still serving in the forces – that’s when things start to get emotional.

Watch as The Rock gives her an impossible surprise, one that will stay with Karina forever. Share this amazing act of kindness with all your friends 🐝


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