Trapped baby elephant cries for help, but when the rescuers finally arrive they realise the task at hand.


It’s human instinct to come together and do whatever you possibly can to save an animal in need, which is exactly what these tourists, visiting Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park, did when a tiny trunk was spotted sticking out of the mud.


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On further investigation it became apparent that without fast thinking and urgent action, it’s unlikely that we’d see this tiny trunk grow to it’s full potential!

Without hesitation, the tourists contacted The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a group, per their website, who is ‘dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and the black rhino’.

Rescuers dutifully rushed to the scene as the elephant calf’s herd watched on, visibly concerned. They even noticed large footprints in the mud, which rescuers believe the mother had left during unsuccessful attempts to save her child.

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On arrival, they frantically began to free the baby elephant from his sticky situation, estimating he’d been there for nearly 12 hours.

As they worked tirelessly to pull the baby elephant from the thick mud, the baby’s mother became distressed, unsure whether the rescuers were in fact harming her calf. Despite her best attempts to scare the rescuers off, they doubled down on their efforts to free the calf. It was in this moment that the mother understood they were indeed trying to help her little one.

On it’s release, the mother was unable to pick up the scent of her calf, coated in thick mud. Rescuers then herd him towards his mother before an incredible reunion moment.

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The tourists claimed that they were “so fortunate to have seen this in real life… it was heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time”.

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