This angry panda ruining everyone’s day might just be the funniest commercial you’ve never seen.


Pandas are notoriously difficult animals. As adorable as they may be, they can indeed be quite stubborn and like to get what they want. These commercials for Panda Cheese takes a humorous approach to these stereotypes

panda cheese commercial

The Egyptian cheese brand has created a series of absolutely hilarious skits for their television commercials, with the slogan; “Never Say No To Panda“.

The adverts all start with a similar tone, for one reason or another, people have said no to eating Panda Cheese. This could be because of; not having enough money, not hungry, didn’t ask for cheese etc.

After their statements have been made, they look up and notice one of the large Chinese bears staring right at them.

panda cheese commercial

The stare becomes a mixture of cute and sinister as Buddy Holly’s ‘True Love Ways plays in the background.

The adverts will definitely show you a darker side to these loveable bears, but will most likely make you laugh at the same time.

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