Tiny Dachshund meets a cow for the first time, After taking a closer look at the footage the owner burst out laughing.


We all know how excited dogs can get on their walks when they spot another dog. Well, this Dachshund was in for quite the surprise when she made a new best friend.

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Lana is your typical Dachshund puppy; she’s incredibly energetic and loves to play with anyone she meets. Her curiosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to different species and animals of greater sizes.

One encounter peaked Lana’s interest when she was confronted by a lone cow in a field. She had never seen an animal so large, and with her tiny frame, you would expect most dogs to panic and run away.

Lana, naturally, was very eager to meet this big bovine and say a friendly hello.

The adorable little pup is hopping frantically around the rather confused cow but it appeared that they very quickly became firm friends.

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The cow also wagged her tail in delight and followed Lana around the field, eager to play with her new chum.

Animals just want to make friends, no matter what their species.

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