Tucked away on a farm in Saratoga County, there’s a place where two kinds of warriors work to rehabilitate each other.

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It’s a place where veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and insomnia work are placed with retired and rescued race horses, some of the thoroughbred horses have problems of their own also.

There’s nothing more therapeutic than a loveable horse. They are amazing, majestic creatures that can make you smile just with their presence.

The program is called Saratoga War Horse and it works to teach the vets to communicate with the animals which are known to honestly mirror the energy of the human handling it.

When they arrive at the program, both humans and horses have trust issues, but by working together and learning how to communicate, they learn to accept and bond with each and rehabilitation begins.

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This inspiring program will bring a tear to your eye, make sure you watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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