Woman Left Door Open As Storm Raced In, Then Found 3 Baby Deer Had Snuck In


For any of you who live near a woodland area, there’s a high chance that you’ve had a run-in with a deer or two.

These creatures, in some regions, they can be considered as hazardous pests to vegetable patches and a danger to passing traffic on the roads.

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You can’t deny that they’re beautiful creatures, melting even the coldest of hearts and making folks forget about their “pest” status.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that a spotted fawn is the epitome of an adorable woodland critter that you can’t help but think “aww” when you see them… Come on, you’ve all seen Bambi, some of you may still be scarred by the infamous “mother” scene. It’s still one of the greatest sadnesses I felt as a child.

Trauma aside, one woman found herself in contact with these pesky creatures. She had left her back door open while battening down the hatches for an oncoming storm.

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She went outside to check on the deer she usually cares for, but she couldn’t find them anywhere. When she returned inside, much to her surprise, she noticed a small gang of baby deer perched in her living room.

According to AccuWeather, animals have been known to have superior weather-detecting capabilities – far better than humans. We don’t know quite how they do it, maybe they hear sounds at a frequency far greater than we can or sense changes in air pressure.

We don’t know quite how they do it, maybe they hear sounds at a frequency far greater than we can or sense changes in air pressure. Dogs, horses and birds are other animals known for mood-changes before thunderstorms hit.

These deer are no exception after the fawns snuck into her house thanks to the back door that had been left ajar.

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I raise orphaned wildlife. Recently, the back door was open as a storm was coming. The deer were nowhere to be found. Went inside, was heading to the front door, only to see them next to an end table in the living room. Told them they could sleep in the house for the night because it was going to be nasty.

Any pet owner would be panicked if they couldn’t find their beloved creatures in bad weather, thankfully these deer had a game plan and knew exactly where they wanted to go.

According to the source, the deer showed their gratitude just like dogs would, with lots of kisses, hugs and appreciation.

These little fawns looked very pleased with their new shelter. I wonder if it will become a permanent fixture

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