Dog Spots Squirrel Outside The Car, But Can’t Chase It — His Next Move Will Leave You In Stitches


Dogs howling, barking and whining is not something uncommon. We’ve all heard it before and sometimes they make some very peculiar sounds indeed.

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But we can guarantee that you’ve never heard a sound quite like this before. It’s utterly bizarre and his facial expressions to accompany make it all the more humorous.

Rocco, the Springer Spaniel featured in the video loves to play with squirrels. There’s nothing he likes more than chasing them around the park.

He goes absolutely crazy when he sees them and if he can’t get to them, it will drive him insane! You can see him sitting in the backseat of a car desperately wanting to be outside when he spots some.

His high pitched vibrato is such a unique sound, his owners have dubbed it “the squirrel song” and it’s well worth the watch.

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Have your dogs ever made some strange noises? Let us know in the comment section. You can watch below and if you enjoyed as much as we did please share! 🐝

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