Neighbours Complained About The Noise So She Set Her Camera To Record — Here’s the Footage


There are plenty of videos on the internet of singing dogs… And we love them! But have you ever seen one that plays its own songs?

Buddy Mercury the rescue Beagle is indeed a very talented pup. Whenever the piano is left unattended, you can be sure that he will be ready to bash out a tune and a singalong.

After watching we can see why this loveable pup is becoming quite the popular character, already reaching over 2 million views on Facebook.

The video, entitled ‘Buddy Mercury Opus #27 in D Minor‘ shows the passion and soul of his work. (I’m guessing the D stands for Dog).

If I could rename the pooch, I think his stage name would be ‘Stevie Won-Dog‘ (apologies for the awful pun… I couldn’t help myself). He even had his iconic head sways and “oohs”.

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