Children Gather For The Most Important Reason, Now Millions Are Overcome With Emotion


We all know that children can be very, very talented and we’ve no doubt seen some performances which have blown us away. But the One Voice Children’s Choir took it to a whole new level with this performance in a stunning tribute to all of those that fought in World War II.

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The performance takes place on the sands of Omaha Beach, the exact location of the D-Day landings.

After hours upon end of practice, they performed the song “When You Believe” in honor of all of those that served and lost their life.

This was no easy task for these outstanding and talented kids as they had to learn parts in English, French and even Hebrew to bring it all together.

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This performance is truly spectacular, from the coordination of the outfits down to every single one of their voices.

I honestly cannot think of a more fitting and emotional tribute to all of those true heroes than this and I’m sure all of those who lost their lives would be wowed by this wonderful performance.

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