Cameraman Turns His Back For a Second, The Horse Has The Crew Howling With Laughter.


You never really know or can control what an animal does or what it might do, and this couldn’t be truer for Cameraman, Greg Harriott when he stepped into a horse stable ready to film the breeder.

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As he begins to film the interview, he wasn’t prepared for what was to happen next. The horse begins to rest his head on Greg’s shoulder, which didn’t pose a problem.

Greg being the professional that he is managed to stay composed, that is until the horse starts to nibble on his ear. As the interview was going well, he tried to stay composed but couldn’t help but laugh.

The horse wasn’t done there, as it then started to pull on his collar, leaving the camera man struggling to keep his composure. You really need to see this complete to believe how hilarious it really is.

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