Angry Cockatoo Told to Go to Her Cage for Bed, Throws a Massive Diva-like Tantrum


Everyone knows with children bed time can sometimes be a stressful event. For the little ones, the day is still so young and there is so much still to see and do. Well, It seems that parrots are not too dissimilar either.

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In the hilarious video below when this beautiful cockatoo was asked to head back to her cage before bed, It’s fair to say she didn’t seem too keen on the idea!

Each time her owner tells her she “doesn’t want to hear it” the parrot snaps right back in a total diva like fashion.

The way she moves as she gets herself heard and the way she moves makes her seem human, watching I simply couldn’t contain the laughter.

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What do you think of the sassy Cockatoo, adorable diva? or troublesome teen? We always love hearing from you so do let us know in the comments section below.

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