This photographer swam towards these motionless objects — What he captured is an incredibly rare sight.


Do sperm whales sleep? Granted, it’s not a question you would normally ask or usually even think about but it is a question that nobody really had a real answer to.

That is until now because now we have photographic evidence of how these ocean giants have a nap.

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Professional underwater photographer Franco Banfi is the man who managed to capture these extremely rare and beautiful photographs as he followed a pack of sperm whales in the Caribbean Sea near the Dominica Island.

He stated that the whales suddenly stopped moving and all moved into a synchronised vertical rest. This cult-like behaviour was only first documented back in 2008 when a team of biologists from the United Kingdom and Japan drifted into a group of completely still sperm whales.

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After further studies, they found that the sperm whale’s group slumber sessions occur for approximately 7% of a whale’s whole life in very short intervals of just 6-24 minutes.

Have a look at the surreal pictures taken by Franco while swimming with fellow diver, Sabrina Belloni, amongst these humongous creatures.

There is also a bonus video at the foot of the article where you can see the sperm whales in their haunting state of sleep.

In 2008, the way in which sperm whales slept was first discovered.

Franco Banfi captured these images while swimming in the Caribbean Sea near the Dominico Island.

This behaviour was studied when a group of biologists drifted into the sleeping whales.

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They sleep for approximately 6-24 minutes at a time.

They worked out that they sleep for 7% of their entire life.

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