Friendly Dog Kept Escaping From Yard, The Heartwarming Reason Why Has The Internet In Tears


I introduce you to Messy, an absolutely adorable yellow Labrador who loves nothing more in life than friendship. He lives in Thailand with his owner, Oranit, but she isn’t the only person who gets to enjoy Messy’s company.

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There’s another dog whose life is made better because of Messy. On the other side of the street from Messy’s home lives a husky named Audi. His owner is usually at work, leaving Audi in the yard by himself.

Like many pups on their own, they tend to get anxious but thanks to Messy, Audi has the perfect companion to keep them company.

Sometimes Messy hears Audi crying in the garden so Messy barks over and it immediately calms his neighbour down.

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Audi seemed incredibly comforted by Messy and he finally got to say thank you.

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