When Peter Cohen purchased his home in 1988, he never expected it to be transformed and look the way it does today.

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When he first moved in he was caring for two feral cats, but one was tragically struck by a car and killed. Peter then decided to bring the other indoor and then went to the local shelter to adopt a friend for company and it progressed from there.

He then began to work with various shelters and adopt more little kittys who were clearly in need of some TLC. He then had the crazy, yet amazing idea of transforming his house into a giant cat playhouse!

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The transformation cost a whopping $50,000  and that grand total includes rope-wrapped poles in the home office, floating shelves and lofts in the master bedroom, and even a koi pond to stimulate their attention

What started off a cute idea to make his home a better place for cats struggling to find a home has now turned into a sanctuary for cats in need of love and affection.

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