Baby Hears His Favourite Song And Starts To Dance – His Hillarious Moves Will Make You Lose It.


When your favorite song comes on, sometimes you can’t help but get up and start moving. This is exactly what 16-month-old ‘Barnold’  did when he heard Will Smith’s ‘Getting jiggy with it’.

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He was minding his own business when his mum queued up his favorite song, then as soon as he hears it he bursts into the living room and starts to dance explosively.

He may only still be young, but it’s clear to see that he already has a strong passion for music. His mum clearly saw that he had a lot of unreleased energy inside him so decided to help him to let it out by playing the song.

I’m not quite sure which I prefer, the fact that this is his favorite song or his amazing and hilarious dance moves.

Amazing dance moves are enough to brighten anyone’s day, but if this young man’s dancing doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.

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