Dog freezes and stares towards owner he’s not seen in 3 years, but the real reaction is coming…


Anyone that has owned a dog will tell you this.

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One of those crazy things we worry about when we leave our dogs, even if only for a few days, is…

“will they remember me? Maybe they will forget who I am and love the person that looked after them more than me?”

Well I think that this video might, for dog owners all over the world, put and end to that worry, good and for all

For the loveable pooch, you get to meet in the video below, it’s been a very long three years since this dog has seen his much-adored owner.

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It’s amazing to watch! At first, the dog just pauses, staring up at him, the dad even had a chance to put down his bag, but still, the dog just looks on in disbelief!

Then all of a sudden the pooch gives his dad the reaction he could never have even dreamt of. It truly is like something out of a movie.

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