Mom’s filming the baby taking a nap when a nose pokes through beside him


There’s nothing in the world that is quite the same as the bond between a child and their dog. When a baby grows up with a pupper or pooch by their side, they have a great friend a protector for their whole life.

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Dogs Whether it be an adventure to the park or learning to crawl, the moments they share together are simply priceless.

To understand a dog’s relationship with children, it helps to know a bit about their social structure. Among dogs raised as pets, the hierarchy is fairly straightforward and can be expressed like this “he who feeds me may boss me around” and with dog having a sense of family meaning that once a person becomes “one of us,” they are to be defended at all costs, whether they put food in the bowl or not.

Below you can watch this adorable compilation of kiddos growing up with their dog best friends. While you can try not to smile, we actually think it’s imposible. 😉

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