Every day, he planted trees in the same spot — 37 years later, his masterpiece is mindblowing. 


The Molai Forest in Assam, India is unusual for several reasons. The 1,360 acre forest is on a sandbar, for starters. The sandbar is the world’s largest river island, Majuli. And, oh yeah, it was planted entirely by one hyper-dedicated, beautiful maniac named Jadav Payeng.

National Geographic

Payeng planted and tended trees almost every day for 37 years, he has, single-handedly managed to create and entirely new ecosystem. Estimates are that his forest now approaches a size of 1,360 acres. For comparison, Central Park only has a surface area of 778 acres.

National Geographic

Payeng planted so many trees that Bengal tigers saw them and were like “Ok, we’ll live here now.” Elephants, deer, vultures and rhinoceroses have all been drawn to his forest. And Payeng wasn’t casually strewing seeds around. He made sure to plant a diverse roster of trees, and there are over a thousand species, including 300 hectares of bamboo.

Document filmmaker William Douglas McMaster crowdfunded on IndieGogo to complete his short film, Forest Man. (Story via Gizmodo)

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