Girl’s first attempt at flirting doesn’t end well — Now 28 million watch her reaction and the boy found out! 


Being a kid isn’t easy you know?! little Ella could tell you that and Ahhh the joys of dating,  We’d like to say it gets easier as you get older but for many of us it really doesn’t.

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In the video, Ella perfectly described her first ever flirtatious fail, and she has realised how stressful boys can be.

She goes on to tell her mother how the boy in her class, Johann, likes her “50/50”??

She stresses how frustrating it is trying to work on that “other 50 percent.”

“I dressed cute, I smile at him – I even winked at him, two times! and all I get back from him is one, ONE FAKE smile!”

You can tell she is embellishing a little, being intentionally dramatic for her mother enjoyment and they clearly have a very close relationship which is beautiful to see.

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We, I’m sure, can all think back to being Ella’s age. Finding our way in the world and it’s great that she can share these moments with her mother, Oh, and 28 million other people now.

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