A man went for a walk in the woods until he heard desperate cries for help — Faith in humanity restored. 


Youtuber Earthwalker40 was walking in the woods in his home of Warren County, Ohio, foraging for edible mushrooms when he happened to stumble upon a poor cat meowing in pain.

He went over to investigate only to find the poor girl had a collar tightly bound around her stomach and neck, choking the poor thing… Being the upstanding gent he was; he removed the collar, also removing a few ticks that had hitched a ride on her skin.

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You can see the joy of the little cat at seeing a human, following Earthwalker40 for over 20 minutes… Thankfully her effort didn’t go un-rewarded and he decided to adopt the poor girl, taking her back to his grans following which she had a hearty 20-minute feast.

An important reminder not to abandon pets, as it often has tragic consequences… Thanks to Earthwalker40 however, this story had a happy ending!

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