This Kitten Loves Watching Movies, But When The Scary Part Come On? Her Reaction is Hysterical


It’s pretty well documented that, well, cats rule the internet! It seems people never tire of watching them, including myself and the rest of the happiest team. 

This one  though, is really good! Andrew Parrish filmed his cat watching horror film ‘Psycho’, and the animal seems completely transfixed he then upload the footage to his youtube channel which has now received over 3 million views!

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Even though she couldn’t understand what was happening in the horror movie, Togepi the 9-month-old Tabby-Bengal Mix still felt the foreboding intensity that was occurring on the screen. Her head darts from side to side at every movement on the screen in front of her.

Then when the scene got too frightening for her liking, she just hopped up and ran off! I myself am not much of a horror movie fan so I know only too well how she was feeling and I might have done the same thing myself actually!

Watch the video below, then why not spread a little happiest and share with your friends?🐝


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