Adoring Dog Misses His Mum, So Dad Gave Her A Call. The Dog’s Reaction Stole My Heart!


Stanley the beautiful Airedale Terrier was missing his mum. She was away working and he couldn’t cope without her any longer.

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The dad, who had been tasked with looking after the loveable pooch, tried his best to keep Stanley’s spirits up. Long walks, hugs, head scratches and even more dog treats. They worked for a while but then Stanly would become sad again.

He had to formulate a new plan to try to cheer up poor Stan! He decided that he would give his wife, and Stanley’s mum, a call and put it on speakerphone so he could at least hear her voice again.

Unsure of how it would go down he went ahead a dialled the number and then stepped back, pressed record, and then waited.

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It’s impossible not to smile from ear to ear watching the short video. Notice He’s especially vocal when he’s asked if he misses her. You can watch the adorable exchange below and if you enjoyed as much as we did please share with your friends. 🐝

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