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At happiest we believe that every dog deserves to have a loving home! There, unfortunately, is times when well-intended owners get themselves into situations that just get out of their control.

It would seem like this is what has happened this week with a man in Arkansas.

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On Sunday, 50 dachshunds (yes you read it right, five zero!) were rescued from a hoarders house in Arkansas and were later taken to two different shelter’s based in Florida.

Save Underdogs


This rescue had to be a joint collaboration with two animal rescue organisations, purely due to the size of the task at hand. Firstly there is Alaqua, which is based in Freeport, and secondly, there is Save Underdogs, which is based in Fort Walton Beach

“I thought it was originally 30 dogs and thought I could manage it,” said Terri Bondi, founder of Save Underdogs. “But when it was 50 … It was perfect timing that Alaqua had space. We kept 22 and Alaqua took in 28.” said Terri Bondi, founder of Save Underdogs.

Save Underdogs

The dogs’ ages range from just a few months to around 5 years with none of the dogs having any sign of medical records. The two heroic rescue organisations are hopeful that once all fifty have been checked over they should be available for adoption in a couple of weeks time.

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If you’d like to give a home to a dachshund, look no further than these two groups of heroes: Alaque.com and saveunderdogs.com

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