Mother Desperately Cries Out For Her Lost Calf — Before This Incredibly Emotional Reunion!


When Karma the cow was rescued from a small farm that had sadly been keeping the animals in terrible conditions, you would think she would have been happy. But she wasn’t, something was wrong!

For the whole day and night, she would not stop crying, they could sense her sadness and it broke their hearts.

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The next day the rescuers at California’s Gentle Barn Sanctuary noticed something alarming! Karma’s udders were full of milk and they came to the realisation that there must be a baby still left behind at the farm.

They rushed to call the terrible former owners to find out if this was true! Karma did have a little baby — But there was an awful twist! She has been sold and was on his way to the butcher.

In an unbelievable stroke of luck, the car that was towing the trailer he was being transported in actually broke down, and rescuers rushed to claim the calf.

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What followed was one of the most stunning reunions I’ve ever seen which goes to show now strong a cows maternal love can be.

The moment Karma sees the trailer approaching, she instinctively jumps to her feet and begins to call out. As soon as she sees him, she rushes over to the fence, desperately trying to reach him through the barrier.

The calf is visibly excited but due to hunger, dehydration and the stress of being apart from his mother he collapses a number of times. Finally he is able to find the strength and makes it back to his loving mother.

You can watch the video below, I think you’ll agree it’s a very touching example of a mother love for her young.

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