Man Feeds This Hungry Street Cat Some Food — But Listen How The Kitten Responds, OHH!


This hungry and tired street kitten finally found this kind human to give it some much-needed food, love and attention.

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While that kind act alone is beautiful, there is actually something even more incredible, that meant we had to post this video straight away!

When the man reaches down to give food to the cat, it begins to make the most amazing sound, It seems like the cats very own, very special way of saying thank you to the kind human.

What also makes this a moving moment is that you can tell just how hungry the cat is from the reaction. Lucky that this guardian angel was there to save him.

The hero said: “This cat always used to hang out down in the garage basement of my building, i thought i’d get it some food and I recorded it, I didn’t know it would thank make with this noise though. After this it became a regular thing, I would see it everyday and always give it the love it deserved.”

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