What this man does to rescue a tiny bird frozen to a gate will completely melt your heart


Us humans can have the tendency to complain at times, especially in the winter. In England, it’s the constant rain, and in other colder climates, it’s often the frigid temperatures, the piles of ice and snow, the seeming impossibility of going out to meet your friends anywhere.

Sometimes we should spare a thought for the rest of nature, they have to cope with the cold weather, the wind and the rain without the comfort of a hot water bottle and a blanket.

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Which is to say, when an animal runs up against a very January problem, it’s nice if we can lend a hand. Such was the case for Idaho resident Nelson Wilson, who on New Year’s Day encountered an unlucky little bird: While feeding his horses, he “noticed a solitary sparrow perched upon the steel fence near the water tank,” he wrote on YouTube.

“The tank is heated to keep it from freezing. It is not uncommon for birds to drink from the heated tank. Apparently, this unfortunate bird had gotten its feet wet and, while making its exit, had become frozen to the fence in the prevailing near zero Idaho temperatures.”
With the tenderness of Disney’s Frozen Princess Anna, Wilson warmed the frightened bird in his palm and his warm breath to melt the ice that had formed around the poor birdie’s feet.

For what happens you can now jump to the video below, we definitely had a tear in our eye at the end of this one and if you enjoy it please share. 

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