Adorable video of Panda in fierce battle with a Snowman at Toronto Zoo… Who will win?

De Mao Panda VS Snowman Toronto Zoo

Christmas has been and gone, but this video was so adorable that we HAD to share it with you guys…

Featured is Da Mao, a Giant Panda currently housed at Toronto Zoo. As a bit of a Christmas treat the parks staff decided to build Da Mao a large snowman for him to play with. Unfortunately Da Mao wasn’t as keen on their creation as hoped and he quickly sets out to demolish his new snowy companion.

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Panda de mao vs snowman

Unfortunately for Da Mao; this task ends up to not be quite as easy as he hopes, with a few hilarious moments when you can see in his poor face as he realises what a terrible mistake he has made in underestimating his opponent.

Check it out below…

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