Postman Writes Little Letters For Dog Who Patiently Waits For Him Every day


Whenever ‘Pippa’ the friendly golden retriever sees her postman, Martin Studer, she runs gleefully to greet him at the gate so she can complete one of her favourite daily chores — of bringing her loving family their mail.

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Some days, when Martin sees Pippa bounding towards the gate he is met with a huge sinking feeling, because he has no mail to give Pippa!

Not wanting to break the happy pup’s heart, Martin decided to get creative so he didn’t leave Pippa feeling unfulfilled for the day, and empty mouthed!

“I have to improvise,” Studer wrote in a Facebook post.

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So from now on whenever there is no mail for Pippas family, martin writes Pippa her own mail instead so she’ll still have something to take home …

I think it’s safe to say that, judging by that beautiful smiling face, she’s super grateful that he does. Well there you have it, Pippa the Golden Retriever LOVES getting mail, and Martin the Mailman is just our kind of guy.

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