The life of a disabled dog can be very hard. Humans find it hard to take care of them after all the reason many have dogs is due to the amount they give back, the love, the laughter and the companionship. A disabled dog might need more help, they might not be able to give the same amount of affection and they might not always be the best companion so it’s found they are often neglected. As a result of this, many disabled dogs find themselves at animal shelters.

For this particular disabled dog, however, she was about to meet an unlikely saviour.

Kolima is a dog suffering from ‘Wobbly syndrome,’ a condition that prevents Kolima from growing at the same rate as the other puppies in her litter. As a result, Kolima is unable to walk comfortably on her own and she’s constantly in pain. That’s when Kolima met Paolo.

Now Paolo isn’t a human nor a dog. In fact, Paolo is a donkey. You may be wondering what kind of relationship a dog and donkey could have. Well, you’ll be surprised to hear that Paolo the donkey has adopted Kolima as his own and the two of them interact like they’re best friends when they’re together.

Watch the video below to witness this heartwarming relationship but be sure to have a tissue as I don’t know about you but this pulled heavy on my heart strings.

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