Burberry have really done it this time! The high fashion label posted their video yesterday, and it is nothing short of breathtaking. The 3-minute short film pitches its self as a trailer for smash blockbuster movie about the house’s founder, Thomas Burberry, but the only thing is the film to go with it doesn’t actually exist.

Burberry is famed for many things but their key was in inventing the gabardine. A beautiful but water-resistant fabric that many of the house’s famous trench coats are made from.

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The trailer doesn’t hold any punches with an outrageous cast with Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson as Mr Burberry himself, alongside the Wire’s Dominic West as the famous polar explorer Ernest Shackleton. Sienna Miller plays Burberry’s fictional first love, while Lily James stars as a character based on famed pilot Betty Kirby-Green who was famed for flying a record-breaking 1937 miles, not to mention she did this in head-to-toe Burberry.

The cast used current Burberry clothing along with replicas of archival garments produced in the house’s first Yorkshire factories. the filmmaker Asif Kapadia led the project, he’s kind of a big deal (Academy Award-winning British filmmaker) stills from the film will function as the print campaign. It’s an absolute must watch below!

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