Socialise for your health’s sake

One of the best kept secrets to good health and a long life? Having a robust social network, Including relatives, family and friends. But lets explore what being more social can do for you.

You’ll be less likely to get sick

In one well-known study, folks with more diverse social connections were less susceptible to colds than those who were socially isolated.

You may sleep better

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Being lonely leads to restless sleep, a University of Chicago study suggests: The lonelier you are, the more you toss and turn. So if you struggle to get some shut eye maybe you need to get more time face to face with your friends and family.


It boosts your memory and intellectual performance

Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the U-M Institute for Social Research said: “In our study, socialising was just as effective as more traditional kinds of mental exercise in boosting memory and intellectual performance.” Increased social interaction leads to better cognitive function as it constantly engages and exercises the mind. It has also been said to reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

You could live longer.

People with stronger social connections were 50% more likely to live longer than those with weaker connections, a 2010 analysis found. That makes the impact of friendlessness comparable to that of smoking.

It potentially fights cancer

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Now this is a big one. It’s no secret that stress can cause many illness and disease, however “positive stress” on the other hand can actually prove to be miraculous. The Daily Telegraph, reports that socialising can help fight cancer because the “positive stress” that occurs from the social interaction has been seen to cause tumours to shrink, and even in some cases go into remission. How Incredible is that?

Could Technology be the answer?

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