Return to top In 2007 Girl’s Dad Tragically Passed — Years Later Everyone’s Shocked To See Who’s Kneeling In Front Of His Grave

In 2007 Girl’s Dad Tragically Passed — Years Later Everyone’s Shocked To See Who’s Kneeling In Front Of His Grave

By - 4th August 2017

When Kristina drove her boyfriend Matthew, to the train station they both said their goodbyes and the went their separate ways. The couple, who have been together for just over five years now, would be apart for just a few days.

Matthew told Kristina that he was heading across the country to a close friends birthday in New York. Only a few short months later he had to admit that this was a great big lie.

Matthew loved Kristina very much, he had done for a long time, in 2016 he felt he was ready to ask her to marry him.He wanted to show her that this was not a question he took lightly. He needed to make the proposal special in some way, after all, she meant everything to him!

It turns out that the idea Matthew came up with could make even the iciest of hearts melt.

In order to set the stage, Matthew had to tell one great big white lie. He has said he was flying to New York for a few days to meet some friends for a birthday.

In reality, instead, Matthew traveled around the country with his video camera at his side and covertly met with key members of Kristina’s family.

Along with others, Matthew stopped off to visit Kristina’s mother, Angelina. Understandably she was astonished and overjoyed to learn of her future son-in-law surprise plans.

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He then headed off to visit Kristina’s grandmother, who lives in Las Vegas.

In a video message, Her grandma told her that she would love her to wear a diamond ring that had been kept in the family for over 80 years.

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However, there was one meeting that, without a doubt, stood out above all else.

Matthew visited Kristina’s dad’s grave in Highland Mills, New York.

Kristina’s dad tragically passed in 2007, she would often quip about how much Matthew would remind her of her late father. She loved them both with all of her heart.

Matthew took the emotional trip to ask her late fathers for permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage. While kneeling just in front of his grave, Matthew made a passionate vow not to disappoint him.

After a few months had passed, Matthew and Kristina visited a vineyard to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends. This vineyard just happened to be the very same that they had begun falling in love at, five short years ago.

But before the party could truly begin, Matthew quietly asked Kristina to watch a video he had carefully put together.

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