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20 Dogs That Thought They Were Cut Out To Be Guard Dogs – Turns Out They’re Not

By - 5th April 2018

Dogs are pretty tough creatures. They fearlessly bark at things double their size, they fend off attackers and they run to your rescue without a moment’s hesitation. Sure, a lot of people get them to protect the home but that doesn’t always work out. Furthermore, what do you do when you’re stuck with scared guard dogs?

However, there are some dogs that, no matter what their size is, are absolutely terrified of the most basic things. Don’t believe me? We have all the evidence you’re going to need.

From big dogs being terrified by tiny kittens to dogs who are scared of technology and of course vacuums… So many vacuums.

Be sure to check out these hilarious softies in the video below and let us know which is your favourite in the comment section below.

1. This big dog feels ganged up on by some tiny kittens

2. Mice are pretty terrifying

3. I think he’s scared of the cat

4. When you get in the car with your friend who thinks she’s a “good driver”

scared guard dogs

5. I don’t think planes are Rocky’s thing

6. Size doesn’t matter

7. Go away you spooky Roomba!

8. The safest space away from the vacuum

9. I think he saw a mouse

10. Realising you’re another year older

11. He doesn’t like bridges

12. He needed a hug after an ordeal with the vacuum

13. Lawnmowers aren’t his thing

14. Wait, this isn’t the park?!

15. This giant dog is terrified of a tiny kitten

16. Oh no, not another vacuum!

17. This adorable little pup got scared of dogs barking in the store so he tried to hide

18. A car engine backfired and the dog jolted awake and accidentally ran into the pool

19. This kid is gonna be trouble

20. She’s terrified of the hallway, so she waits here for her humans to return from their room

How great were these pictures? Do you have any funny pictures of your scared pets? We’d love to see them.

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