Return to top 20 Hilarious Wildlife Photos From 2017 That Are Sure To Make You Laugh Out Loud

20 Hilarious Wildlife Photos From 2017 That Are Sure To Make You Laugh Out Loud

By - 5th February 2018

Wildlife is certainly one of the most extraordinary things in the world, but sometimes it can just be downright hilarious. Every year, Bored Panda host a ‘Funniest Wildlife’ photo competition in order to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. Below is a selection of 2017’s winning photographs as well as some honourable mentions from previous years.

1. The “Cheering Sea Otter,” Highly Commended

2. “WTF” by George Cathcart, Highly Commended

3. “Caught in the Act” by Bence Mate, Highly Commended

4. Troy Mayne’s “Slap,” Winner of the Padi Under the Sea Category

5. “Must Have Three-Putted,” By Douglas Croft, Highly Commended

6. “All Dressed and Ready for Church” by Carl Henry, Highly Commended

7. Andrea Zampatti’s “The Laughing Doormouse,” Winner of the Alex Walker’s Serian on the Land Category

8. “Hitching a Ride” by Daisy Gilardini, Highly Commended

9. “Monkey Escape” by Katy Laveck-Foster, Highly Commended

10. “Animal Encounters” by Jean Jacques Alcalay, Highly Commended

11. “Duck Speed” by John Threlfall, Winner of the Kenya Airways in the Air Category

12. Daniel Trim’s, “Mudskippers Got Talent,” Highly Commended

13. “Eh What’s Up Doc?” by Olivier Colle, Highly Commended

14. “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks” by Masai Mara

15. “Kung Fu Training, Austrailian Style” by Andrey Giljov

16. The Rare Bear Falcon, Adam Parsons

17. A Gorilla Giving You the Bird, Gil Gofer

18. He Lost His Keys…by Angela Bohike

19. “I’m OK” by Yamamoto Tsuneo

And last but not least…

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