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19+ Baby Hippos That Will Make Everything Better

By - 3rd May 2017

All though the little cuties you’ll find below look friendly enough the older siblings have managed to earn the title of the most dangerous creature in Africa, you really wouldn’t believe it when you see these cute little critters.

Check out the list compiled by Bored Panda, for some of the most adorable baby hippos you’ll ever see.

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1. Smile for the camera!

2. Yey Bubbles!

3. Well, this guy looks pretty pleased with himself.

4. Thank you Hooman!

5. Go on son, up you go.

6. Go on mum!

7. Just floating around!

8. Happy families

9. The little guy’s a savage.

10. Eat your greens mum.

11. kisses.

12. “bed time already? Please, 10 more mins!”

13. That towel smells lovely!

14. “Hey leave me alone, it’s just puppy fat!”

15. Sleepyhead.

16. “Hey guys, let me in!”

17. Eat your greens.

18. Ferocious.

19. CUTE!

20. This way mum.

21. Coping mum.

22. Boo!

23. Ello!

24. Swimming lessons.

25. “You see that man over there son? Let’s go make him jump!”


27. “Can you still see me?”

28. No words!

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