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15 Times Pets Proved To Be Complete And Utter Jerks

By - 22nd November 2017

For the most part, our pets make our lives better. They make us laugh and show us affection when we need it most. But sometimes, they can just be jerks. But even when they’re up to no good, we still can’t help but love them. Here is 15 examples of when pets just were complete jerks.

#1 Is anyone missing their underwear?

#2 “My dog tried to drown me and stole my inflatable”

#3 Who’s a good boy? Clue…It’s not this guy

#4 Are you comfortable in there?

#5 “It’s the peak of summer, i can’t stop sweating and i’m starting to get sick, but my cat won’t stop unplugging my fan!”

#6 “My parrot woke me up shouting HELP, HELP HELP!”

#7 This little guy got shot into a whole new dimension

#8 Well, it doesn’t look like the dog is having any dinner tonight”

#9 ” You will never keep me contained!”

#10 “I’m never getting out of here, but at least i have pretzels”

#11 “It’s ok, i didn’t want to watch TV anyway”

#12 “I’m sure one of these doesn’t belong in here, but which one?”

#13 “Don’t worry master, I’ll save you”

#14 My dog opened the window whilst going through the car wash!”

#15 “I was baking a pie and looked away for a second, when i looked back i found this”

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